Hedgelaying for 2019/2020

By October 17, 2019 Community, Events

It’s nearly November, which means the conservation volunteers have begun clearing the field margin next to the hedge that will be laid this season.

View of the hedge from Buttercup Field.

Each year we lay one section of one hedge around the meadow. Though often it is more like regenerating. Hedgelaying keeps the hedge thick – for keeping livestock secure – but this also acts as a corridor for wildlife and a place to hide! While it can look quite drastic, particularly the Devon style that we use, you can see from the regrowth of hedges we have worked on in previous years that the trees still have plenty of life in them.

By cutting and laying carefully, we can keep tree death and disease to a minimum. And by rotating the hedges we work on, we minimise disturbance to wildlife.

Hazel branches – the hedge is quite uniform.

If you want to have a go at hedgelaying, this is a great year to come and join us. The hedge is primarily hazel, so a lot of the work will be possible with hand tools and there shouldn’t be too many complicated decisions to make. If you’d like to have a go, for one week or the whole season, check the calendar for the Thursday dates, get in touch with our volunteer coordinater, send us a DM on social media, or stop by the hedge on a Thursday morning and say hello!