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Hedges and Edges Project

By November 3, 2021December 14th, 2022Community, Wildlife
Collage of images of hedge plants in flower or with insects resting on them.

As part of a larger, collaborative project called Hedges and Edges, Longrun Meadow aims to create 150m of new hedge this autumn and winter and create a similar length of ecotones (a graded rise of vegetation from grass through to mature trees) around the planted trees.

Hedges and Edges Project

The hedge planting on Longrun this winter is part of a project called Hedges and Edges.  This is a joint project through the Green Forum and includes Comeytrowe Park, Netherclay Community Woodland, Victoria Park, Longrun Meadow and Somerset West and Taunton Council.  We successfully bid to the Climate Emergency Community Fund at Somerset County Council  with the aim of increasing biodiversity, improving carbon capture and storage to help the environment to mitigate against, and adapt to, the impacts of climate change.

Each green space has a plan to do some of these activities: plant new hedges, lay and look after existing hedgerows, make signage to explain hedges and the changes in grass management and enhance edges to make them more biodiverse eg bushes, shrubs and climbing plants along the edge of wooded areas, leaving uncut margins by ditches and field boundaries, using the edges of grass areas to encourage more diverse growing/wild flowers.

Hedge Creation

We will be carrying out this work on our regular Thursday morning (10-12) conservation time and also hold two public events.

The Friends of Longrun Meadow would like to invite you to join them in planting a new hedge on the meadow. We are developing a more connected network for wildlife to allow them to move along protected corridors. The hedgerow will also provide bats with more foraging ground.  You will just need to be wearing warm old clothes and wellies or stout shoes. Do come and be part of planting trees for the future of our planet. 

10am to 12 noon Saturday 27th November

Due to uncertain wind speeds on Saturday morning The Friends of Longrun Meadow would encourage the public to only come to plant trees if the wind allows. Volunteers will be there at 10am to assess the safety and viability of the event. 

10am to 12 noon Thursday 30th December

Meet at the Oak Barn

Thank you for your continuing support for Longrun Meadow.

Collage of images of hedges in winter. The images contain mainly browns and greens. There is some flood water and lots of bare branches laid at an angle to make a hedge.