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Nature Notes – July 2018

Long grass in a hay meadow with some flowers visible in the sward

Haymaking time has arrived. The wild flowers have mainly set seed by now and the process of haymaking ensures that the seeds are spread out in the field and reach the soil. The farmer will cut the grass which he then turns to dry. Finally the hay is baled and taken away. May we say a big thank you to dog owners who have helped to keep the grass clean of poo – this is greatly appreciated.

As the fields are then bare, the unmown field edges or margins become important for wildlife to take refuge in. The ragwort here is a great place to look for cinnabar moth caterpillars and the creeping thistle is a favourite with pollinating insects. There are many demoiselles both beautiful and banded enjoying the long vegetation.


On Saturday 7th July it is National Meadow Day so do come and join our walk to look for flowers and insects. Meet at the Willow Cathedral at 2pm.

– Helen