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Nature Notes – June 2018

Beetle flying above long grass

The meadow is looking at its most magnificent this month. Just wandering along a less used grass path lets you get that bit closer to the nature all around you. Taking in all the flowers, watching the wind ripple through the grass and listening to the many birds singing in the hedgerows is just pure delight.

Sitting next to river gives that final calmness.

Here are a few things to look out for.

Just a few of the flowers in bloom at the moment:

And a few damselflies:

Here’s a link to our Dragonfly ID sheet.

And finally, look out for the bright blue wings of the male common blue butterfly:

Male Common Blue Butterfly – though it is small, its beautiful upperwings make it easy to spot. The female can be much browner.

We are holding an insect event on Saturday 23rd to explore what we have living in the grass, flowers and bushes on the meadow.