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Nature Notes – May 2019

Dandelion seed head with a brown and orange moth resting on it. The words Nature Notes May 2019

It really is busy in the meadow now. Some of the grass species are in flower, the dandelions are already starting to go to seed, animals are getting on with life.

If you’ve accidentally eaten a black fly in the last week or so, it was probably one of these St Mark’s (or Hawthorn) flies below.

It’s well worth keeping a look out for dragon and damselflies this month. I’ve seen a large red damselfly and a female beautiful demoiselle so far, in the grass or on nettles by the river.

Also well worth walking the meadow with other people. On our BeeWalk yesterday, Tony heard and then spotted a whitethroat, singing in the top of a dead elm tree. I’m not good at bird ID, and even worse with birdsong, but there’s a recording of the song on the RSPB website, if you think it will help you find one!

Bee season is well under-way so here’s a quick revision quiz: can you say which is a bumblebee, honey bee or solitary bee?

I’m hoping that the meadow flowers will begin in earnest this month. If you see something you think might be new, or you just want to know what it is, tag us! You’ll find the links to our social media pages at the top and bottom of this website. There really are new species being spotted here each year as the meadow becomes more diverse.

– Hester