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Nature Notes – February 2018

By February 3, 2018Wildlife

A late afternoon walk in the watery winter sun on Longrun has got me thinking that spring is not so far away.

The pink styles of the female hazel flowers protruding from two buds on a branch.

Female Hazel Flowers

The hazel catkins were swaying in the breeze and I found the tiny gem-like red female flowers further up the twigs.

Furry willow flowers with water droplets.

Willow Catkins

On reaching the willow cathedral I was amazed to see pearls of light grey flowers opening along the willow branches.

However the birds won the day. I heard the green woodpecker’s laugh and then as I approached the pond saw it fly off with a dipping flight towards the mature trees along the river. Almost simultaneously I heard the great spotted woodpecker* which was drilling in a rotten alder tree.

Small bird perched at the top of a flimsy branch.

Goldfinch at the top of a Hedge

Along the hedges were a multitude of our resident birds – goldfinch, greenfinch, chaffinch, robin and most beautiful singer of all the song thrush sitting high in an oak tree.

European robin singing in a tree

Singing Robin

Yes, Longrun Meadow is a great place to walk.



[* Helen did tell me I might struggle with the pictures – the woodpeckers are tricky to photograph. My excuse is that today the alders by the river were occupied:Buzzard in an alder tree

– Hester.]